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State NameCapital CityZip Codes RangeView All Zip Codes
Washington DCWashington DC20001 to 88888View All Zip Codes
Alabama ALMontgomery35004 to 36925View All Zip Codes
Alaska AKJuneau99501 to 99950View All Zip Codes
Arizona AZPhoenix85001 to 86556View All Zip Codes
Arkansas ARLittle Rock71601 to 72959View All Zip Codes
California CASacramento90001 to 96162View All Zip Codes
Colorado CODenver80001 to 81658View All Zip Codes
Connecticut CTHartford06001 to 06928View All Zip Codes
Delaware DEDover19701 to 19980View All Zip Codes
Florida FLTallahassee32003 to 34997View All Zip Codes
Georgia GAAtlanta30002 to 39901View All Zip Codes
Hawaii HIHonolulu96701 to 96898View All Zip Codes
Idaho IDBoise83201 to 83877View All Zip Codes
Illinois ILSpringfield60001 to 62999View All Zip Codes
Indiana INIndianapolis46001 to 47997View All Zip Codes
Iowa IADes Moines50001 to 52809View All Zip Codes
Kansas KSTopeka66002 to 67954View All Zip Codes
Kentucky KYFrankfort40003 to 42788View All Zip Codes
Louisiana LABaton Rouge70001 to 71497View All Zip Codes
Maine MEAugusta03901 to 04992View All Zip Codes
Maryland MDAnnapolis20588 to 21930View All Zip Codes
Massachusetts MABoston01001 to 05544View All Zip Codes
Michigan MILansing48001 to 49971View All Zip Codes
Minnesota MNSaint Paul55001 to 56763View All Zip Codes
Mississippi MSJackson38601 to 39776View All Zip Codes
Missouri MOJefferson City63001 to 65899View All Zip Codes
Montana MTHelena59001 to 59937View All Zip Codes
Nebraska NELincoln68001 to 69367View All Zip Codes
Nevada NVCarson City88901 to 89883View All Zip Codes
New Hampshire NHConcord03031 to 03897View All Zip Codes
New Jersey NJTrenton07001 to 08989View All Zip Codes
New Mexico NMSanta Fe87001 to 88439View All Zip Codes
New York NYAlbany00501 to 14925View All Zip Codes
North Carolina NCRaleigh27006 to 28909View All Zip Codes
North Dakota NDBismarck58001 to 58856View All Zip Codes
Ohio OHColumbus43001 to 45999View All Zip Codes
Oklahoma OKOklahoma City73001 to 74966View All Zip Codes
Oregon ORSalem97001 to 97920View All Zip Codes
Pennsylvania PAHarrisburg15001 to 19640View All Zip Codes
Rhode Island RIProvidence02801 to 02940View All Zip Codes
South Carolina SCColumbia29001 to 29945View All Zip Codes
South Dakota SDPierre57001 to 57799View All Zip Codes
Tennessee TNNashville37010 to 38589 View All Zip Codes
Texas TXAustin73301 to 88595View All Zip Codes
Utah UTSalt Lake City84001 to 84791View All Zip Codes
Vermont VTMontpelier05001 to 05907View All Zip Codes
Virginia VARichmond20101 to 24658View All Zip Codes
Washington WAOlympia98001 to 99403View All Zip Codes
West Virginia WVCharleston24701 to 26886View All Zip Codes
Wisconsin WIMadison53001 to 54990View All Zip Codes
Wyoming WYCheyenne82001 to 83414View All Zip Codes

Alaska Zip Codes

Alaska is the largest and the northernmost state of the United States. Juneau is the capital city of Alaska. It is the only U.S state capital which has no road access to the rest of the state. The capital city is surrounded by mountains and ice fields. Anchorage is the most populous city of Alaska, famous as its cultural and economic hub. The zip codes of Alaska are from 99501 to 99950. See All Zip Codes of Alaska State USA.

Alaska is the largest state in the US by area covering almost 663267 square miles. According to census data the population of Alaska is 731000 and it shows that it is one of the least densely populated states of the country. This state is famous for its diverse and breath taking landscapes including mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes. The highest peak in North America, Denali, also exists in this state.

Arizona Zip Codes

Arizona, a state in the country’s southwest, is known for its varied landscapes and extensive cultural history. The breath taking natural beauty and geographic variety of Arizona are well-known. The Sonoran Desert, one of North America’s hottest and wettest deserts, is situated inside the state. Arizona’s capital and largest city is Phoenix. Furthermore, it has the fifth-highest population in the whole of the US.

The capital city of Arizona State is Phoenix and it is also the largest city of the state. Approximate area of Arizona State is 113990 square miles. Its population is around 7.15 million people. The Zip codes for Arizona State are from 85001 to 86556. See All Zip Codes of Arizona State USA.

Alabama Zip Codes

Capital City of Alabama is Montgomery. Almost 5 million people live there, and 52,420 square miles constitute its total area. Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa are major cities. See All Zip Codes of Alabama State USA.

Arkansas Zip Codes

Little Rock is Arkansas’s capital. Its total population is approximately 3 Million. Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, and Springdale are significant cities. See All Zip Codes of Arkansas State USA.

California Zip Codes

Sacramento is California’s capital. There are about 39.5 million people living there. Major cities of the California State of US are Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. See All Zip Codes of California State USA.

Colorado Zip Codes

Denver is the state’s capital. Total population of Colorado State is 5.8 million and the area is 104,094 square miles. Prominent and larger cities include Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Fort Collins. See All Zip Codes of Colorado State USA.

Connecticut Zip Codes

Hartford is the capitol of the state. There are about 3.6 million people living there. Major cities of Connecticut are New Haven and Bridgeport. See All Zip Codes of Connecticut State USA.

Delaware Zip Codes

Capital of Delaware is Dover. Approximately 990,000 people live there. Its Total area is 2,489 square miles. Major cities of Delaware are Middletown, Wilmington, Dover, and Newark. See All Zip Codes of Delaware State USA.

Florida Zip Codes

 Tallahassee is s the state capital. Total population of this state is 21.5 million and total area of the state is 65,755 square miles. Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando are major cities. See All Zip Codes of Florida State USA.

Georgia Zip Codes

Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia. Its population is 10.7 million people, and 59,425 square miles constitute its total area. Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, and Columbus are major cities. See All Zip Codes of Georgia State USA.

Hawaii Zip Codes

Honolulu is Hawaii’s capital. Approximate population of the state is 1.4 million people as of 2021. the 10,931 sq. miles area constitutes this state. Major Cities are Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, and Kaneohe. See All Zip Codes of Hawaii State USA.

Idaho Zip Codes

Boise is the Capital city of Idaho. Its Population is approximately 1.8 million according to 2021 census data .Idaho has a total Area of about 83,569 square miles (216,443 square kilometres. Major Cities of Idaho are Boise, Nampa, and Meridian. See All Zip Codes of Idaho State USA.

Illinois Zip Codes

Capital city of Illinois is Springfield. Its Population is approximately 12.8 million. It has a total area of 57,914 square miles (149,997 square kilometres). Major Cities of the state are Chicago, Aurora, Rockford and Joliet. See All Zip Codes of Illinois State USA.

Indiana Zip Codes

Indianapolis is Indiana’s capital. 6.7 million People are living in this state of US. The largest cities are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend the state covers 36,418 square miles (94,321 square kilometres). See All Zip Codes of Indiana State USA.

Iowa Zip Codes

Des Moines is the state capital of Iowa. Total Population of the state is 3.2 million according to the 2021 census. The state covers 145,746 square kilometres (56,273 square miles). Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Sioux City are the largest cities of Iowa. See All Zip Codes of Iowa State USA.

Kansas Zip Codes

Topeka is the state capital of Kansas. Kansas’s Population is 2.9 million approximately. Area of the Kansas State of US is 213,100 square kilometres (82,278 square miles. Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, and Topeka are the major cities. See All Zip Codes of Colorado State USA.

Kentucky Zip Codes

Frankfort is Kentucky’s capital. According to census data Population of Kentucky is 4.5 million. The biggest cities are Louisville, Lexington, bowling green, and Owensboro, which cover 40,408 square miles (104,656 square kilometres) of the state. See All Zip Codes of Kentucky State USA.

Louisiana Zip Codes

Louisiana is the State of Us and its Capital City is Baton Rouge. Its population is approximately 4.6 million. New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lafayette are among the largest cities of Louisiana which covers 52378 square miles. See All Zip Codes of Louisiana State USA.

Maine Zip Codes

Augusta is the Maine state capital. Its population is almost 1.3 million people according to Us data. It has 35,380 square miles (91,633 square kilometres) of land. The cities named as Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, and South Portland are the major cities of Maine; state of US. See All Zip Codes of Maine State USA.

Maryland Zip Codes

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, USA .Population of this state is approximately 6.1 million people (as of 2021). It covers a total Area of 32,131 square kilometres (12,406 square miles).Major cities of the Maryland State are Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, and Silver Spring. See All Zip Codes of Maryland State USA.

Massachusetts Zip Codes

Boston is the state capital of Massachusetts. Other main largest cities are Boston, Worcester, Springfield, and Cambridge are the largest cities of this State, Its Population is almost 6.9 million people as of 2021 census data. The land area is 10,554 square miles (27,336 square kilometres). See All Zip Codes of Massachusetts State USA.

Michigan Zip Codes

The Capital city of Michigan is Lansing. This state has Population around 10 million (as of 2021). The land area is 96,716 square miles (250,487 square kilometres). Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, and Sterling Heights are the major cities. See All Zip Codes of Michigan State USA.

Minnesota Zip Codes

Minnesota’s capital is St. Paul. Approximate population is 5.7 million people. The total area of Michigan State is 86,935 square miles (225,163 square kilometres). Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, and Duluth are the major cities. See All Zip Codes of Minnesota State USA.

Mississippi Zip Codes

 Jackson is the capital of the Mississippi State of the US. Population of the state is 2.9 million people per census data. Surface area is 48,430 square miles (125,438 square kilometres). Major cities of Mississippi are Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven, and Hattiesburg. See All Zip Codes of Mississippi State USA.

Missouri Zip Codes

Missouri’s capital is Jefferson City. Kansas City is the largest city of the state. Total Population of Missouri is 6.15 million people .Missouri State has total Area of 69,715 square miles See All Zip Codes of Missouri State USA.

Montana Zip Codes

Montana’s capital city is Helena, while its largest city is Billings. The state has a Population of 1.08 million people. Montana has Area approximately 147,040 square miles. See All Zip Codes of Montana State USA.

Nebraska Zip Codes

The Capital City of Nebraska is Lincoln. The Largest City of Nebraska is Omaha. Total population of this state is 1961504 according to 2021 census data. See All Zip Codes of Nebraska State USA.

Nevada Zip Codes

Nevada is State of US and Carson city is the capital of This state. Las Vegas is the largest city of Nevada. 3.2 million People are living there in the state. Its total area is 110,557 square miles. It is known as the Silver State because of its importance in the mining industry. It has many national parks and other natural attractions including Hoover Dam and Tahoe Lake. See All Zip Codes of Nevada State USA.

New Hampshire Zip Codes

Concord is the state capital and Manchester is the largest city of New Hampshire. Population of the state is 1.4 million people. It has Total area of about 9350 square miles. The “Granite State” is so titled because of its abundance of granite rocks and quarries.

It is well-known for its natural beauty, which includes the White Mountains and numerous lakes, making it a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and boating. See All Zip Codes of New Hampshire State USA.

New Jersey Zip Codes

New Jersey is the state of the US with 8722 square miles of area and population is approximately 9 million. Trenton is the capital city of the state and Newark is the largest city. It is famous due to its agricultural history. It is a densely populated state which has urban and suburban areas. It has some famous places for tourists such as Jersey Shore, Atlantic City and Liberty State Park. See All Zip Codes of New Jersey State USA.

New Mexico Zip Codes

New Mexico is the US state with a population of almost 2.1 million and 121,298 square miles area. Santa Fe is the Capital City of the state. It is famous due to its diverse natural landscapes including deserts, forests and mountains. It has some important scientific and research institutes such as Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. See All Zip Codes of New Mexico State USA.

New York Zip Codes

The most important and famous state of the USA is New York. Its Capital city is New York City. It has approximate population is 19.5 million and its area is about 54556 square miles. It is known as Empire state because it is considered as a global hub for finance, commerce, culture and entertainment. New York City is one of the most iconic cities in the world. It has some famous land marks such has Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire state building and Central Park. Adirondack and Catskill Mountains are also present in this state. See All Zip Codes of New York State USA.

North Carolina Zip Codes

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina. Charlotte is the largest city, with a population of over 10.5 million people and an area of 53,819 square miles.

The “Tar Heel State” is a state in the United States. It is known for its diverse terrain, which includes the Appalachian Mountains in the west and the Outer Banks on the east side.  It has a rich history and important historical sites, such as the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, which commemorates the first controlled powered flight. This state has a major agricultural sector, particularly in tobacco, and is becoming a technology and innovation hotspot. See All Zip Codes of North Carolina State USA.

North Dakota Zip Codes

Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota. Fargo is the largest city, with a population of over 762,000 people and an area of 70,698 square miles. It is known as The “Peace Garden State” is a state in the United States. It is basically an agricultural state. As farming is considered as substantial component of the GDP particularly wheat production this state plays a vital role in the GDP. See All Zip Codes of North Dakota State USA.

What is Zip Code?

Zip codes, stands for Zone Improvement Plan codes, were introduced by the United States Postal Service on 1st July 1963. These zip code strings of numbers play a important role in organizing and efficiently delivering mail across the United Stated of America.

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What is Zip Code for United States USA

The united states of America USA Zip code consists of 5 digits. It starts from 00501 and ends on 99950. It is also known as 5 Digit Zip Codes for USA.

What is 9 Digits USA Zip Code?

The 9 digits USA Zip codes are actually Zip+4. There are 4 extra digits which indicates specific locations. It was introduced in 1983.

Is 11111 a valid Zip Code?

11111 is not a valid zip code. According to the information by USPS this is not a valid number in Zip Code Lookup.

How to find ZIP Codes?

Here on our website, we have arranged the complete zip code data in a searchable form. You can find cities if you know zip code. You can find zip codes by cities names. There are search options to find zip codes by County names.

What ZIP Code is 77777?

77777 is not a valid zip code in United States of America.

Is 12345 a valid ZIP code?


What city has the zip code 00001?

00001 is not a valid zip code according to the USPS.